Palibrio Marketing Services: Helping Hispanic Authors Reach Readers Worldwide

Having a marketing plan is essential if you want your book to sell. Bear in mind that your marketing plan can be as unique as your story. This is where the Palibrio marketing strategies come in.

The Palibrio marketing services give Hispanic authors the chance to share their story with the rest of the world. The Palibrio marketing packages helps deliver your story into the hands of as many readers as possible. Palibrio acts as your personal marketing firm and coordinates a campaign that will get your book in front of your target market.

Palibrio marketing services focus on creating reader awareness and interest through various platforms. Palibrio helps Hispanic authors by providing them with effective means to give their books the attention it deserves.

Having a well-laid out marketing plan is the best way to maximize your efforts. Palibrio marketing services provide Hispanic authors better chances of more lucrative book sales.

Find out what the best approach for your book is. Claim your Free Publishing Guide today!

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Release Your Story with the Right Indie Spanish Book Publisher

As a Hispanic/Latino aspiring author you feel that with the right indie Spanish book publisher, you can turn your wealth of ideas into a literary masterpiece you can take pride of . But it can be a challenge finding one you can fully trust and you can be confident working with  as your publishing partner . Here are 3 key qualities you should look for in a reliable Spanish book publisher.

Professional Spanish book publishing and editorial services

Look for an indie Spanish book publisher that offers professional editorial services. Ten years ago, Spanish book publishing companies offered basic printing services only. Today, any indie Spanish book publisher worth its salt knows that a professionally edited title means better quality, more reader interest, and bigger sales.

Leading-edge Spanish book publishing technology and services

The development of print on demand (POD) technology allows you to start publishing in Spanish quickly, within budget, and with better professional quality. For optimum book sales, find out if your Spanish book publisher also offers e-book format printing. This digital format is fast becoming an industry norm as more readers rely on mobile reading devices to enjoy their favorite authors in their preferred language.

Book marketing services and bundle options

While many Spanish book publishing companies only offer print on demand services, some do offer essential marketing services to help author promote their books. Find out what your Spanish book publisher offers in terms of marketing and promotions. Ask about your options and what bundle would best fit your book. Be sure to get reliable quote from more than one Spanish book publisher and go from there.

Source : Palibrio | Spanish Book Publishing Blogspot

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How Literature Shapes Latino Culture

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Columbus Day unites all Hispanic nations and cultures in celebration of the heritage , colonization and cultural diversity of Latin America. Join us as we celebrate this holiday and enjoy a 30% discount when you sign up for any of our publishing packages. 

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Publishing in Spanish - A Simple Guide from Palibrio

You want to get your story out but don’t know the ins and out of publishing in Spanish?  Andreina Pérez is one author who had the desire to publish her book, De los Ángeles y sus Colaboradores, but did not know how to go about it.

Andreina Pérez - Palibrio Author

Andreina Pérez followed these simple steps and is now Palibrio’s featured author for September.

Come Up with a Plan

The first step in publishing a book is taking note of what your goals are. List down your reasons for publishing in Spanish.

Choose A Publisher

Choose a Spanish book publisher that suits your needs. Palibrio’s wide range of publishing packages and services makes your publishing experience enjoyable, affordable, and fast. Furthermore, beyond our publishing expertise is our confidence of knowing the Hispanic/Latino heart.

Market Your Book

Palibrio provides guidance on marketing strategies to enhance your chance of publishing success.

Helping more Hispanic/Latino writers like Andreina realize their literary dreams is an honor we take pride of.

So take your Spanish book publishing experience to a whole new level by claiming your Free Publishing Guide here.

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Get Your Latino Voice Heard - Get Published !

Undeniably, the healthy growth of the Hispanic population in the United States is slowly transforming American culture. Hispanics are the largest minority in the U.S. with rich cultures  worth sharing to the world.

If you’re a budding Hispanic/Latino writer and has this wealth of ideas beautifully crafted in your manuscript , take a step forward and get that Latino voice heard worldwide. Realizing your literary dreams will be no sweat as Palibrio will hold your hand every step of your self-publishing journey.

Palibrio | Spanish Book Publishing                                                        

Palibrio is the Spanish-language imprint of Author Solutions created especially to serve Hispanic writers and readers . Backed by more than 13 years of experience in self-publishing , Palibrio provides you all the tools needed to publish your book professionally and in a short time. Whether you’re up for English/Spanish book publishing, we’ll make sure that you’ll get the best publishing benefits with our Hispanic market expertise.

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CEO and President of Author Solutions introduces Spanish Language self-publishing, marketing and book selling company for Hispanic writers

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